b&wprofileCurrently, I am doing research on virtual and augmented reality at Facebook Reality Labs (formerly Oculus Research) working at the intersection of vision science and engineering. Before, that I was a vision scientist at Magic Leap. I received my Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology from New York University (NYU). My research focused on understanding how humans perceive color, light, and materials. I worked with Michael Landy (NYU) and Wendy Adams (University of Southampton). Find my CV here.

My Ph.D. research focused on understanding how the human visual system estimates gloss. We live in a complex world where light, shapes, colors and materials interact in an infinite number of ways. Yet, our visual system is extremely quick and quite accurate in estimating this world. My goal was to understand how this happens and what cues our visual system uses to make these estimations.

During summer of 2014, I did a Data Science internship at Knewton. They are turning education into a personalized experience using adaptive learning and recommendation models. I wrote a blog post about the project I worked on during my internship, find it here.

When I am not doing research I enjoy cooking, traveling, reading and working on a thousand other projects that I come up with.

You can find me on Google Scholar and LinkedIn.
Also on Github: @gzmk and on Twitter: @gizemkucukoglu


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Conference Abstracts


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Poster presentations:

Adams, W. J., Kucukoglu, G., & Landy, M. S. (2017). Estimation of gloss and shape from vision and touch. Journal of Vision17, 359. [link]

Kucukoglu, G., Landy, M. S., Adams, W. J. (2016). Joint estimation of surface gloss and 3D shape. Presented at VSS 2016, St. Pete Beach. [link]

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